Hobby coding projects

I have worked on a handful of little projects of my own to improve my own computer and/or internet experience or just for fun. Links to their respective GitHub pages and brief descriptions are provided here.

Interactive world data map generator

This is an easy-to-use Python tool for making custom interactive Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) world maps showing binned data, such as the example below showing the number of Olympic medals won by each country. It has a comprehensive GUI, supports data from Excel, CSV, and TSV files, and saves the GUI settings and file data for quick and easy iteration and future usage. It is discussed at length in this article.

Schengen schedule calculator

This is a spreadsheet tool that can be used for planning trips to the Schengen Area while obeying its requirement (for noncitizens/nonresidents) to never exceed 90 days spent in Schengen in any 180-day rolling window. Such a simply described rule results in some rather complicated possible scheduling headaches, and this spreadsheet provides an accessible solution to designing travel plans adherent to the requirement along with providing insight on how planned stays affect potential future visits to the Schengen Area too.

Wallpaper aspect ratio trimmer

This is a simple Python script written to take any locally stored wallpaper, determine if its aspect ratio is 16:9, and, if not, provide the user with three options where the photo has been trimmed down to a 16:9 aspect ratio to save if desired. The paths leading to the local wallpaper folders can easily be changed as well as the desired aspect ratio too.

Letter to A4

This is a very short LaTeX code which converts a letter-sized page to an A4-sized page. This is particularly useful in situations where an A4 document is printed on letter paper (usually resulting in smaller text and white bars padding the sides of the page) and later needs to be scanned into a PDF and merged with another document of A4 sized sheets.